Tired of wondering about the source of your business’s inbound calls? Look no further than CallScaler – the ultimate solution for tracking and analyzing incoming calls to determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. With CallScaler, assigning names to numbers based on specific marketing efforts becomes a breeze. Easily monitor the performance of each marketing channel and make necessary adjustments for improved results.

CallScaler offers more than just call tracking; it provides a comprehensive range of features, including clean USA and Canadian phone numbers, efficient client management, call and SMS forwarding, complimentary call recording, call whisper messages, missed call notifications, automated reporting, round-robin and multi-ring calling, and much more.

For small businesses aiming to optimize their call flow automation, manage leads, track calls, and deliver exceptional customer experiences, CallScaler is the ideal solution. Its user-friendly visual interface simplifies the process of customizing every aspect of the customer call experience, empowering businesses to enhance customer interactions and drive growth.

CallScaler Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Call Flows: Easily create call flows with call forwarding, multi-ringing, or round-robin setups. Customize greetings and more to enhance the caller experience.
  • Call Tracking: Track hundreds or thousands of phone numbers at an affordable price, ensuring you have complete visibility into your call data.
  • Call Recording: Record calls for later review, listen back to them, and download the MP3 files to share with others.
  • SMS Forwarding: Forward inbound text messages to any desired number for seamless communication.
  • Call Whisper: Provide contextual information to callers before connecting the calls, improving call interactions.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Access detailed call analytics and insights right from your dashboard, allowing you to make informed decisions.
  • Press 1 To Connect: Filter out robot spam calls by requiring callers to press 1 before connecting to the call.
  • Voicemails: Directly send calls to voicemail or set a duration of ringing before transferring to voicemail.
  • Custom Greetings: Use text-to-speech or upload your own MP3 files to create personalized greetings.
  • Number Porting: Transfer your existing phone numbers from your current provider to CallScaler seamlessly.
  • Spam Blocking: Block calls from spam and robot numbers to maintain a clean call environment.
  • Voicemail Notifications: Send SMS notifications with voicemail recordings to any desired number.
  • Missed Call Notifications: Send SMS notifications to designated numbers whenever a call is missed.
  • Auto-reports: Automatically send reports via email to your team or clients for timely updates.
  • Email Call Details: Send emails to multiple recipients with call details and recording links immediately after a call is completed.
CallScaler Regular Price

CallScaler Regular Price

CallScaler Appsumo Price

CallScaler Appsumo Price

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