Desklog is an automated time tracker and timesheet software designed to enhance productivity and promote focused work. It enables users to track working hours, manage task and project time, and record clock in and clock out in real-time.

Desklog offers a range of features, including automated time tracking, project time tracking, billing and invoicing, automated timesheets, and activity tracking. These functionalities contribute to a seamless and efficient workflow for users.

Desklog Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Desklog offers automated time tracking, helping you work with greater focus and maximize productivity to achieve your goals.
  • With this, you gain more time to complete tasks effectively.
  • Moreover, automated time tracking allows you to identify areas for improvement, leading to increased future efficiency.
  • Desklog not only simplifies real-time time tracking but also streamlines billing.
  • You can rely on precise data from Desklog to create accurate invoices for your clients, eliminating guesswork and ensuring timely payments.
  • The Project Time Tracking feature enables accurate tracking of time allocated to each project and its progress.
  • This empowers you to gain a holistic understanding of project management, optimize productivity, and achieve desired outcomes.
  • It helps precisely estimate profits and losses, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Additionally, this feature aids in monitoring project expenses, leading to better decision-making and project completion.
  • Real-time timesheets provide an overview of your entire workspace.
  • You can manage your team better, plan tasks, and track allocated and spent hours.
  • Weekly or monthly timesheet reports facilitate tracking productivity and reviewing working hours.
  • This valuable information helps in efficient decision-making to optimize team performance.
  • Timesheets also motivate and encourage workers to enhance their performance.
  • Accurate and timely billing is essential, and Desklog’s billing and invoicing system ensures just that.
  • It maintains a positive relationship with workers and streamlines payment strategies.
  • Automated invoicing and payment collection save time and resources, enhancing business efficiency.
  • Desklog’s Activity feature stands out by tracking team members’ significant activities, including optional screenshots.
  • Optional screenshots help identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement, improving productivity.
  • It is a valuable tool for modern businesses, especially for tracking remote teams.
  • Desklog provides flexibility and control over your team’s work, making it a powerful addition to your business toolkit.
Desklog Regular Price

Desklog Regular Price

Desklog Appsumo Price

Desklog Appsumo Price

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