Centered is a web software designed to enhance focus and boost productivity, offering free artificial intelligence productivity coaching and additional features.

With its AI-driven productivity coach, Centered optimizes your workflow and helps you accomplish more tasks efficiently. It provides timely reminders to redirect your attention to work and minimize distractions from websites or applications. Simply link your smartphone via QR code to benefit from this feature.

Centered Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You will also receive reminders about upcoming meetings, ensuring that you do not miss an essential appointment with a colleague or customer by accident.
  • When you start the timer on your device, Do Not Disturb mode is automatically activated, which puts an end to any messages and alerts that could be considered disruptive.
  • In addition, because the goals you set for your health are equally as essential as the goals you set for your business, your AI coach will occasionally remind you to stretch, hydrate, and breathe deeply.
  • You will get access to hundreds of tunes, as well as hours’ worth of focus music including binaural beats, sounds of nature and the outdoors, and ambient noises.
  • You’ll have the ability to change the volume of your music as well as the AI coach so that you won’t have to worry about being yelled at over the top of your soothing background music.
  • Instead, would you want to listen to some of your own music?
  • Connecting Spotify playlists and listening to some of your favourite music while you work is a breeze thanks to Spotify’s user-friendly interface.
  • Using this application, you are able to generate a to-do list for work sessions, complete with estimated completion times for each of the tasks that are scheduled for that particular day.
  • Syncing your tasks from Asana, Linear, and Todoist will save you from having to manually update each of the individual boards on a daily basis.
  • You will also receive a productivity score depending on the length of your sessions, how well you avoid distractions, how well you practice good habits, and how well you manage your work.
Centered Appsumo Price

Centered Appsumo Price

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