Tagmate simplifies the process of placing tracking tags (code) on your website through automation. By reducing the manual tagging time and cost, it enables marketing companies to run campaigns more efficiently. With this tool, you can save up to 82 percent of your development time when dealing with tracking tags.

With a no-code solution, you have full control over your tag management without the need for a developer. The straightforward “no-code” approach allows you to automate the implementation of tracking tags on your website effortlessly. Additionally, there are alternative tools like Getelevar and GA4-Tag-migrator that offer similar functionalities.

Tagmate Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • One big issue I faced when setting up web analytics tags and Facebook pixels was the technical complexity and the cumbersome process involved.
  • As a non-tech person, it was challenging to navigate through the technical aspects and dependencies on tech teams, which often delayed the implementation and caused frustration.
  • Tagmate, a low-code platform, was born to address this very problem.
  • It’s designed to make website tracking efforts easier for website owners, product managers, and agencies without relying heavily on tech teams.
  • By syncing with the Google Tag Manager (GTM) account, Tagmate provides a smooth implementation and migration experience for analytics and marketing tags.
  • One of the great features of Tagmate is the availability of pre-built templates for tracking various user actions on the website, such as clicks, scrolls, or form submissions.
  • With over 30 templates tailored for different industries like eCommerce, OTT, BFSI, and Lead Generation, users can quickly select the most suitable one for their needs.
  • Moreover, if you already have a Universal Analytics (UA) setup, Tagmate’s UA to GA4 migration module enables you to migrate all your UA tags to a new GA4 property swiftly, easily, and with 100% accuracy. This ensures a smooth transition to the latest Google Analytics version without much hassle.
  • Tagmate makes setting up website tracking a breeze, taking less than 5 minutes without the need for manual configurations in GTM. It automatically configures custom dimensions for Google Analytics 4, avoiding errors and saving on manpower costs.
  • With 20+ prebuilt templates, Tagmate is perfect for marketers, bloggers, and website owners, requiring no developer’s help for tag implementation. A quick 3-click process sets up required tags and triggers effortlessly.
  • For eCommerce tracking, Tagmate provides 14+ prebuilt exclusive templates for platforms like Shopify and WordPress. With sample data layer snippets, you can easily set up eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics.
  • Tagmate ensures industry best practices and error-free implementation through regular quality checks.
  • With Universal Analytics phasing out, Tagmate offers a simple migration module to set up Google Analytics 4 tags effortlessly with a user-friendly interface.
Tagmate Regular Price

Tagmate Regular Price

Tagmate Appsumo Price

Tagmate Appsumo Price

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