Splitmat is a user-friendly URL shortener that allows you to split your traffic between multiple pages effortlessly. With no need for any code changes, it seamlessly integrates with any existing website builder you may be using.

Splitmat is a versatile URL shortener that not only splits your traffic between multiple pages but also appends a specific UTM_ID parameter to your URL. It then syncs with Google Analytics, enabling you to compare conversions and page load time, among other metrics.

Splitmat Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

Using Splitmat is incredibly easy and requires no code changes. It seamlessly integrates with any existing website builder, whether it’s WordPress, WIX, or custom-built websites.

This tool is particularly useful for conducting A/B tests, but it can also serve as a custom domain URL shortener and effectively track emails and clicks.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create multiple landing pages with your preferred landing page builder or website platform like WordPress or Wix.
  2. Splitmat generates a short link (e.g., splitmat.me/ABC), which you can use for your marketing campaigns, social media, and emails.
  3. When someone clicks on the short link, Splitmat evenly redirects the traffic to one of your landing pages.
  4. Splitmat syncs with your Google Analytics account and generates comprehensive, easy-to-read reports on conversions and page performance.

By automating conversion reports and offering advanced features like custom domain names and unlimited analytics, Splitmat makes it easy to increase your conversions without wasting time on complex setups.

Splitmat Regular Price

Splitmat Regular Price

Splitmat Appsumo Price

Splitmat Appsumo Price

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