End the time-consuming back-and-forth among you, your team, and clients that often surpasses the project’s actual work hours. Tackling these project management (PM) tasks and emails daily can be a headache. That’s why we’ve developed a visual Debug Tool, designed to declutter and enhance your project management.

Say goodbye to the chaos with the DebugTool Lifetime Deal, your ultimate solution for streamlined project management. The multiple communication channels won’t overwhelm you anymore. This tool will elevate your project’s communication and workflow, delivering on your expectations!

DebugTool Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Organize projects using milestones
  • Delegate tasks for efficient workflow
  • Implement Agile development practices
  • Streamline project management processes
  • Manage diverse roles and teams effortlessly
  • Facilitate project invites and collaborations
  • Instantly track project progress and status
  • Gain insights into team workload and capacity
  • Seamlessly communicate with team members
  • Utilize an inbox system for efficient communication
  • Access ample disk storage for project needs
  • Offer support for software engineering projects
  • Aid in website development tasks
  • Utilize Debugtool’s log analysis capabilities
  • Access free video tutorials for optimal tool utilization
  • Utilize advanced statistics for company growth
  • Employ visual debugging techniques for efficient debugging
  • Gather information about screen size, web URLs, browser type, and operating systems
  • Automate email communication for convenience
  • Upload and manage photos effectively
  • Capture and utilize screenshots for reference
  • Toggle functions for user-friendly operation
  • Generate detailed hour reports for analysis
  • Option to showcase designs and include comments
  • Implement a board function similar to Trello
  • Organize tasks based on groups
  • Plan tasks according to milestones and deadlines
  • Manage tasks using a calendar view
  • Efficiently strategize and plan projects
  • Assign tasks to programmers, writers, and designers
  • Facilitate client communication in a unified window
  • Automatically capture project snapshots for documentation
  • Prioritize urgent tasks effectively
  • Receive real-time updates on project activities
  • Experience quick and easy setup within a minute
  • Integrate with WordPress using a one-click installation
  • Provide support for various frameworks including Laravel, Zend, Codeigniter, and Joomla
  • Track and manage project and task statuses
  • Benefit from a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface
  • Offer visual on-site feedback for seamless collaboration
  • Access the tool without the need for login
  • Ensure data security and privacy
  • Enjoy mobile-friendly functionality
  • Integrate with Google Drive and Dropbox APIs
  • Utilize a media library for easy asset management
  • Implement color-coded stickers for organization
  • Experience a responsive display across devices
  • Effectively manage internal tasks within the tool
  • Apply filters to efficiently manage tasks
  • Prepare projects effectively with detailed planning
  • Receive regular updates with monthly releases
DebugTool Regular Price

DebugTool Regular Price

DebugTool Appsumo Price

DebugTool Appsumo Price

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