Collabwriting is a browser extension designed to streamline information collection, note sharing, and real-time collaboration. With this tool, you can seamlessly gather information from online sources and collaborate with your team without interrupting your workflow.

Collaborative writing becomes effortless as you can work together on any website or PDF document, just like collaborating in Google Docs. The browser extension empowers you to annotate and highlight digital content, facilitating easy sharing and collaboration with your team.

Collabwriting Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Collabwriting is a browser extension that simplifies online information collection, note sharing, and real-time collaboration.
  • Work collaboratively on any website or PDF document, just like in Google Docs, using the convenient browser extension.
  • Annotate and highlight digital information with the extension, allowing you to visually communicate your thoughts to your team.
  • Enhance your comments by adding hyperlinks, screenshots, and plain text to provide a richer context to your views.
  • Save and categorize highlighted passages in a virtual workspace, enabling easy organization based on different topics.
  • Share your research with your team by adding specific users to the project or sharing links to relevant sections of the document.
  • Set different access rights to manage which colleagues can view, modify, or comment on your papers.
  • Export your highlights and notes for integration into your ongoing projects, either as editable text files or print-ready PDFs.
  • The platform automatically saves source links and collaborator comments, preserving your work even if the original source is modified.
  • The activity tab allows you to track modifications made by other users, ensuring transparency and version control.
  • Organize information into categories and conduct searches within them, ensuring your data is well-structured and easily accessible.
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Collabwriting Regular Price

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