Breakcold is a sales CRM that combines LinkedIn, Twitter, and email to streamline B2B relationship building. With this tool, you can engage with leads on various platforms within the CRM, eliminating the need to switch between tabs.

A single feed allows you to view and interact with lead posts, while personalized outreach helps you establish stronger connections and close deals faster.

Breakcold Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • With Breakcold, you can easily curate feeds for segmented B2B lists, simplifying laser-targeted outreach.
  • Seamlessly switch between feeds to stay updated with the latest posts from different segments and interact with prospects at the right time.
  • Utilize relevant lead information to craft unique and personalized messages when reaching out.
  • Build customized sales pipelines with flexible templates, allowing you to create as many steps as needed.
  • Personalize the appearance of your sales pipeline by adjusting titles and colors for each sales step.
  • Strategically plan your sales cycle and target leads at crucial stages of your sales funnel.
  • Conduct experiments with cold email campaigns to identify the most effective approach for generating responses.
  • Effortlessly create and send unlimited cold email sequences, and use Zapier to initiate sequences.
  • Leverage preset variable templates or set up new variables to customize your messaging.
  • Engage with leads seamlessly across LinkedIn, Twitter, and email, while conveniently monitoring their posts in a single stream.
  • Take control of your outreach with the ability to manage diverse B2B lists and create sales pipelines tailored to your needs.
Breakcold Regular Pricing

Breakcold Regular Pricing

Breakcold Appsumo Price

Breakcold Appsumo Price

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