Callback24 helps you to track employee success, convert site visitors into callers, and generate more leads in less time. It provides the necessary tools to shorten lead response time, monitor staff performance, and maximize the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.

Make it simple for clients to reach out to you by adding a customizable widget to your website. This widget enables you to collect visitor contact information and turn them into callers with just one click. You can also employ various call-to-action techniques, like dynamic popup windows, to guide clients through the sales process and boost conversions.

Major Highlights Need to Know:

Regular Price: $159
AppSumo Deal Price: $69 (Lifetime Access)
Money-back guarantee: 60 Days
Best for: Ecommerce, Marketers, Marketing agencies
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Callback24 Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You’ll receive instant alerts for each lead, allowing you to follow up with them effortlessly with just a single click.
  • By using this solution, you not only save time on administrative tasks but also gain the ability to analyze your campaigns and make budget adjustments as needed.
  • The phone tracker feature provided by the solution allows you to monitor your employees’ performance. This enables you to identify the top performers who are responsible for the most sales and pinpoint individuals who may benefit from additional support.
  • You have the option to synchronize your contact information with your CRM using tools like Zapier or native connectors such as the one offered by HubSpot. This integration ensures that all your records are displayed on a single page, providing a centralized view for convenient access and management.
  • The key advantage is that you can review calls, verify their duration, and even tag them by campaign, allowing you to identify the most successful ones. This feature provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns and helps you optimize your strategies for better results.
  • You can track which advertising efforts generate leads, allowing you to allocate your marketing budget wisely.
  • Analyze call logs from different advertising channels and compare the results from various traffic sources.
  • With this application, you can effortlessly increase your conversion rate by understanding the buyer’s journey and tracking all your efforts. No extra effort is required.
  • Widgets, pop-ups, and exit pop-ups are powerful tools that effectively prompt customers visiting your website or online store to provide their phone number and contact a company representative.
  • By accessing call history data from your entire company and recording/analyzing calls, you can enhance the quality of customer service and improve overall customer satisfaction.
  • Every visitor to your website has the potential to become your client.
  • Provide visitors with the opportunity to contact you instantly by adding a convenient phone widget to your website.
  • Call customers back within 15 seconds and boost your conversion rate by 5%! Customize the widget’s color scheme, text, and placement whenever you want.
  • Increase the number of calls from your website and drive more customer engagement.
  • Easily integrate Facebook Lead Ads to collect lead information and automatically call leads back within 15 seconds for prompt follow-up.

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