xTiles is a user-friendly tool that simplifies the visualization of workflows, projects, and ideas. With its visual search and real-time collaboration features, it enhances efficiency in your work life. You can collaborate with others and build upon ideas by easily sharing notes, links, and media.

Whether you’re brainstorming for work or personal projects, or simply making decisions on what to do next, xTiles provides a visually driven platform for exploring and collaborating on the web with anyone, anytime. What’s more, it gives you complete control over your creative process, allowing you to leverage the synergy between web and mobile apps to unlock your full creative potential.

xTiles Personal Pro Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • xTiles offers a visual workspace where you can organize and express your thoughts by creating a personalized layout with notes, links, and media. You can mix and match different tiles or blocks of information to dive deeper into your ideas and nurture them.
  • The tool provides a variety of templates to choose from, making it easy to get started and find a layout that suits your needs. You can explore the Template Gallery for inspiration.
  • With visual search functionality, you can quickly find specific notes, switch between documents, and move content across different projects.
  • Real-time collaboration enables you to engage with your teammates by liking, commenting, and mentioning them on shared documents, fostering collaboration and feedback.
  • You can transform your notes into tasks, helping you stay organized and focused on your goals.
  • xTiles is accessible on all your devices, allowing you to securely access your notes through mobile and desktop apps.
  • The browser extension, Chrome Web Clipper, lets you capture snippets from any visited site and incorporate them into your workspace.
  • You also have the option to export your documents in various formats such as PDF, PNG, and Markdown files for further use and sharing.

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