Visidea is an innovative service that enhances e-commerce websites with a powerful visual search and recommendation engine. It enables your platform to provide the ideal product to each customer, precisely when they need it.

Visidea Board Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

What is the functioning of visual search?

Consider a potential customer becoming enamored with a pair of glasses at the Milano Fashion Week.

With a mere photo, they can discover those glasses or similar ones and make a purchase on your eCommerce platform.

Employing visual search will enhance the effectiveness of your influencer marketing campaigns on social media and bridge the gap between offline and online experiences.

Through visual search, your eCommerce customers can search for products using images, yielding more pertinent results compared to traditional text searches, consequently boosting your eCommerce conversion rate.

  • Visual and product recommendations play a pivotal role in driving conversion rates, transforming the shopping experience for users.
  • Visual recommendations present users with top alternatives to the products they are currently viewing.
  • On the other hand, product recommendations enable users to discover relevant items without actively searching for them.
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence, Visidea showcases similar and related products to enhance user engagement.
  • By utilizing data from your eCommerce platform and users’ browsing history, Visidea significantly improves the likelihood of purchases and increases the average shopping cart value.
  • As a result, user experience is enhanced, leading to a boost in overall conversion rates.
  • Additional information about the plugin:
  • Our plugin seamlessly integrates with all popular CMS platforms and does not require coding expertise.
  • Access advanced dashboards that provide user behavior analytics, empowering you with valuable insights.
  • Automated tagging streamlines product tag management, saving you time and resources, all thanks to artificial intelligence.
Visidea Regular Price

Visidea Regular Price

Visidea Appsumo Price

Visidea Appsumo Price

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