Vidbites simplifies the process of receiving video submissions from applicants, enabling you to seamlessly integrate a video pre-screener into your hiring process. With Vidbites, applicants can easily explore your job openings, record video clips, and submit their applications without the need to navigate away from your website.

Vidbites Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Vidbites simplifies the hiring process by eliminating friction for applicants.
  • It allows them to browse job roles, view video or text questions, and record video answers (or provide text, code, files, or audio) without leaving your website. With Vidbites, the entire application process happens on one page, eliminating low conversion rates associated with off-site video recording and uploading.
  • You have full control over the design of your careers page, including the color scheme, logo, social links, and content.
  • Create roles with associated questions, which can be answered via video, audio, text, file uploads, or code, depending on your preferences.
  • Share your careers page or role links with applicants, and conveniently review and score their responses directly from your Vidbites dashboard.
  • You can even automate shortlist or rejection emails to applicants. Vidbites streamlines your recruitment process, making video screening a breeze.
  • In terms of actions you can take within the Vidbites dashboard:
  • Shortlist: Select applicants as shortlisted, triggering a customized automatic email congratulating them and prompting them to book their next steps.
  • Favorite: Mark your favorite applicants for future decision-making when you’re ready.
  • Reject: Reject applicants, triggering a customized automatic email thanking them for their application but indicating they were not selected for the role.
  • Archive: Move applicants to the archives once the review process is complete.
  • Download: Download applicant files for further review or record-keeping purposes.
  • Score: Evaluate applicants based on customizable criteria, such as knowledge, professionalism, and culture fit. The scoring system can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Google Drive Integration: The new integration with Google Drive allows you to transfer applicant files directly to your Google Drive for long-term storage convenience.
  • With Vidbites, you have the tools to streamline your hiring process, manage applicant responses effectively, and integrate video screening seamlessly into your recruitment workflow.
Vidbites Regular Price

Vidbites Regular Price

Vidbites Appsumo Price

Vidbites Appsumo Price

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