Vento is a stress-free screen recording tool that allows you to pause, rewind, and continue recording without constant restarts. Enjoy a seamless recording experience with Vento.

With Vento’s quick jump to the last rewind point feature, you can do multiple takes rapidly, re-recording as many times as you need with ease. Save time and perfect your screen recordings effortlessly.

Vento Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Exactly! With Vento’s convenient rewind and re-record feature, you can nail that perfect feeling for your pitch or demo without the hassle of restarting the entire video from scratch. Save time and get the desired result effortlessly.
  • With Vento, you have the option to add an author annotation that viewers must acknowledge before proceeding to watch the video. This feature allows you to share important information or disclaimers with your audience effectively.
  • Vento is compatible with Chrome and Edge browsers on both laptops and desktop computers. You can conveniently access Vento through our Chrome extension or directly record from our website, making it effortless to use and record your screen.
  • Vento excels at capturing Browser Tab Audio on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. While it can capture Full System Audio on Windows and Chrome OS, this feature is not available on other operating systems. With Vento, you can confidently record audio from browser tabs, enhancing your screen recording experience across different platforms.
Vento Regular Price

Vento Regular Price

Vento Appsumo Price

Vento Appsumo Price

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