Simple Social Buttons Pro is a WordPress plugin that lets you customize the design and display of social media buttons on your website.

Similar to a Kardashian, your WordPress site requires social media engagement to flourish. However, you’re probably hesitant to compromise your site’s distinctive style by plastering social media icons everywhere (let’s face it, Facebook Blue isn’t always a match). Thankfully, there’s a flexible solution that goes beyond ordinary social media plugins.

Allow us to introduce you to Simple Social Buttons.

Simple Social Buttons Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Sharing your content becomes a breeze with Simple Social Buttons, and it won’t compromise your site’s aesthetic.
  • Tailor the appearance and color of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest buttons to match your site’s vibe.
  • With 7 button designs and a customizable color palette, you can infuse your unique style into social media integration.
  • So, feel free to go wild with magenta and chartreuse logos—let your inner Warhol shine. Once your icons are looking snazzy, you have control over how and where they appear for your visitors.
  • Pick from 5 display areas, including sidebar, pop-up, and fly-in, ensuring easy access to your distinctive content.
  • And if you need an extra location beyond the main options, Simple Social Buttons supports shortcode, providing maximum flexibility with minimal effort.
  • Position social media channels strategically with Simple Social Buttons to encourage user interaction on your site. Share counts foster a sense of community among your users.
  • Enabling this feature is a few clicks away, and you can choose to focus on one platform or aggregate total shares for a comprehensive view.
  • Rest assured, share counts won’t disappear if you transition from http to https. You’ll also wield control over how your posts appear on social media platforms using Social Meta Tags.
  • Customize images, headings, and descriptions until your post is social network-ready (#onfleek).
  • Solopreneurs and bloggers will appreciate the professional touch their content gains on other platforms.
  • All this functionality is at your fingertips, and Simple Social Buttons’ user-friendly setup ensures your content can be shared in seconds! As social media has reminded us, sloppiness isn’t a good look (remember college?).
  • So, don’t settle for less when integrating your website with social networks.
  • Keep it sophisticated with Simple Social Buttons, effortlessly harmonizing color and display of social media integration on your website.
  • Get lifetime access to Simple Social Buttons today!
Simple Social Buttons Regular Price

Simple Social Buttons Regular Price

Simple Social Buttons Appsumo Price

Simple Social Buttons Appsumo Price

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