RateMyService is a powerful customer feedback and survey solution designed to assist businesses in incorporating customer satisfaction or CSAT surveys into their staff’s email signatures.

Introducing RateMyService, a user-friendly customer feedback and survey solution that empowers businesses to enhance their customer service and satisfaction levels effortlessly.

With a simple and speedy 3-minute setup process, RateMyService enables businesses to incorporate surveys into their staff’s email signature, allowing them to gauge customer satisfaction (CSAT) and loyalty. Additionally, the option to redirect positive feedback to your Google My Business (GBS) review page is now available.

The emoji survey feature facilitates real-time feedback, allowing customers to rate their experience after each email reply, providing valuable insights for continuous improvement.

RateMyService Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Introducing our easy-to-use in-signature rating widget, RateMyService. This powerful tool is designed to help businesses gather valuable customer feedback and enhance their overall customer experience.
  • With RateMyService, you can collect real-time feedback from customers, enabling you to quickly identify areas of improvement and recognize top-performing employees. Additionally, the widget allows customers to connect directly with managers, ensuring their concerns and compliments are addressed promptly.
  • Take your customer experience to new heights with RateMyService and build lasting relationships with your valued clientele.
  • RateMyService takes customization to the next level, offering highly flexible options to tailor surveys to your brand and vision. With the ability to adjust text size, color, and choose rating icons, you can create surveys that are not only informative but also fun, intuitive, and engaging for your customers.
  • This powerful tool is best suited for high-performance teams that communicate with clients via email. Whether you’re in sales, customer support, or administration, RateMyService empowers you to gather valuable insights and continuously improve your customer experience. Elevate your team’s performance and deliver exceptional service with RateMyService.
  • RateMyService revolutionizes mailbox monitoring and inspection with its time-saving solution.
  • Our user-friendly platform swiftly identifies the worst-performing staff, enabling businesses to streamline their teams by removing underperformers and celebrating top achievers. By filtering feedback by agent, date, or rating, businesses can promptly address any issues that arise.
  • Our new and improved review feature effortlessly collects four and five-star reviews, automatically redirecting positive survey results to your miRatings page and Google Reviews. This clever approach avoids displaying one, two, and three-star reviews, ensuring your online reputation stays positive and encouraging more positive feedback.
  • With our real-time feedback system, customers can rate their experience after each email reply, providing businesses with invaluable insights to continually enhance their services. Say hello to greater efficiency and customer satisfaction with RateMyService.
RateMyService Regular Price

RateMyService Regular Price

RateMyService Appsumo price

RateMyService Appsumo price

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