In a crowded market of cloud platforms, we recognized the shortcomings – they were either too complicated, costly, or lacked sufficient control over your infrastructure.

To address these issues, we developed PATR, a user-friendly PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) that automates your entire infrastructure in a straightforward and seamless way.

PATR Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Discover PATR, a simplified cloud platform that empowers you to deploy static sites, web apps, databases, containers, and more with incredible speed.
  • Build, deploy, and host anything using a Dockerfile, and effortlessly scale your applications as needed, all with zero hassle in setting up your cloud infrastructure.
  • Whether you’re a startup founder, DevOps engineer, or a passionate coder, PATR is the perfect platform for hosting personal projects or professional applications.
  • Take full control of your infrastructure with features like creating deployments, databases, static sites, managed URLs, and more. The possibilities are limitless!
  • Build web apps, APIs, managed URLs, and much more with ease using PATR. It allows you to deploy static sites, APIs, manage databases, add domains, handle CI/CD pipelines, and more.
  • With PATR, you can start bringing your ideas to life today!
PATR Appsumo Price

PATR Appsumo Price

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