Night Eye is a user-friendly browser addon that transforms nearly any website into a dark mode, offering a visually pleasing and comfortable browsing experience. Compatible with all major browsers, it even offers a three-month free trial for you to explore its features.

With Night Eye, you can enjoy a smooth dark theme that reduces eye strain, along with various filters, including a blue light filter, that provide excellent eye protection. Additionally, the addon offers several customization options to personalize your dark mode experience.

What sets Night Eye apart is its commitment to customer care, even in the free edition. Unlike other dark mode extensions, Night Eye ensures unparalleled support for its users. Moreover, regular upgrades and enhancements are released every two weeks, ensuring the addon stays up-to-date and continuously improves its functionality.

Night Eye Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Night Eye offers the ability to change the color scheme of any webpage, allowing you to create a new and personalized viewing experience.
  • Adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation levels is crucial for eye protection, and Night Eye provides controls to easily modify these settings to recommended healthy levels.
  • If you find yourself working in a dark environment with your screen as the primary light source, the dimming feature is a must-have, ensuring optimal visibility and reducing eye strain.
  • Night Eye also offers image conversion capabilities, analyzing and translating small pictures and icons on a page for a seamless dark mode experience. Notably, significant media such as Facebook posts are not converted.
  • To protect your eyes from blue light, Night Eye provides a filter that eliminates the blue light emitted by your computer screen. This feature is particularly recommended for late-night browsing sessions. You can access it easily by opening the extension and using the messaging center.
  • With the Pro Plan, you can use Night Eye on up to three different browsers simultaneously, allowing for a consistent dark mode experience across your preferred platforms.
  • Night Eye supports virtually any website, ensuring that almost any webpage can be adapted to work in dark mode.
  • Regular updates are released for the Night Eye extension, ensuring compatibility with all major browsers and incorporating the latest enhancements and improvements.
Night Eye Appsumo Price

Night Eye Appsumo Price

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