Mortar AI is an advanced CDP (customer data platform) that takes care of cleaning, analyzing, and consolidating all your scattered data into a unified, user-friendly dashboard in real-time.

With this comprehensive view of your entire business, you can make informed and intelligent decisions to drive your business forward.

Moreover, Mortar AI empowers you to create your programmatic digital media campaigns, even in the absence of third-party cookies, giving you control and flexibility over your advertising efforts.

Mortar AI Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Take control of your programmatic digital media campaigns.
  • Ensure precision in targeting the perfect audience and minimize wastage.
  • What does this entail? It means no reliance on agencies, no setup fees, and no more squandering funds on ineffective campaigns. Embrace a comprehensive overview of all your data.
  • We clean, analyze, and centralize all your scattered data into one user-friendly dashboard in real-time.
  • Seeing is believing, and powerful customer segmentation is among the numerous benefits you gain access to.
  • All data, including financial, social, CRM, web, and eCommerce, is consolidated and cross-referenced with sales data.
  • This unveils valuable insights like top spenders, new customers, at-risk customers, and more.
  • This knowledge empowers you to deliver the right message to the right person at the right moment.
  • Focus on specific customers to obtain additional insights and detailed analysis.
  • A unified view of all customer data is the key to achieving this.
  • In this manner, you can precisely gauge their engagement with your business.
  • Integrate your data from various sources.
  • We offer extensive integrations with the industry’s most popular tools and apps today.
Mortar AI Regular Price

Mortar AI Regular Price

Mortar AI Appsumo Price

Mortar AI Appsumo Price

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