Gumbamail, the user-friendly email marketing tool, revolutionizes the way you schedule and send mass emails. No more switching between platforms or dealing with complicated interfaces.

Our Chrome extension seamlessly integrates with Gmail, giving you the power to launch email marketing campaigns and send mass emails right from your inbox.

No need to worry about expensive software or complex setups. Gumbamail offers a straightforward and cost-effective solution for all your email marketing needs.

Whether you’re a sales professional aiming for faster conversions, a small business or freelancer looking to streamline newsletter campaigns, or simply seeking to enhance your email productivity, Gumbamail has got you covered.

Create visually stunning email templates with ease and personalize your messages to engage your audience effectively.

Take control of your email marketing with Gumbamail and watch your campaigns soar to new heights!

Gumbamail Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

📬 Streamline your email marketing with ease

With Gumbamail, creating mailing campaigns has never been simpler. Send out promotions, offers, news, and other content to your subscribers and customers directly from Gmail. No need to switch platforms or complicate your workflow. It’s all within your Gmail account.

🚩 Unlimited email sending

Unlike other applications or mass mailing extensions, Gumbamail manages email campaigns from its own system, offering you the freedom to send as many emails as you need. No more worrying about limits or restrictions – you have full control over your email outreach. Send with confidence and reach your entire audience effortlessly.

✎ Create stunning email templates with ease

Gumbamail provides you with a top-notch template editor, allowing you to design professional and responsive emails that perfectly match your brand’s image. No need for HTML coding knowledge – easily customize your templates to create visually appealing email campaigns that look great on any device. With over 250 professional templates to choose from, you’ll find the perfect design to captivate your audience. Take your email marketing to the next level with Gumbamail’s easy-to-use template editor.

📙 Effortless mailing list management

Managing your subscriber lists is a breeze with Gumbamail. Import your lists seamlessly from .csv files, Google Drive spreadsheets, or Gmail contact groups. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily handle subscriptions and unsubscriptions, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience for you and your subscribers. Stay organized and in control with Gumbamail’s simple mailing list management.


🧑 Personalize emails effortlessly with mail merge

With Gumbamail’s mail merge feature, you can go beyond just email addresses and store additional data, such as your recipients’ names. This enables you to send personalized emails in one go, making your messages more engaging and relevant to each individual recipient. Say goodbye to generic mass emails and create meaningful connections with your audience using personalized content.

📊 Real-time analytics and reporting at your fingertips

Stay on top of your email marketing campaigns with Gumbamail’s real-time analytics and reporting. Get detailed insights into each campaign, including email openings, recipient status, and other advanced metrics. Our reporting system ensures compliance with GDPR policies while providing valuable data to help you measure the success of your campaigns and make informed decisions for future improvements. With Gumbamail’s robust analytics, you can track the performance of your emails and gain valuable insights into your audience’s engagement.

Gumbamail Regular Price

Gumbamail Regular Price

Gumbamail Appsumo Price

Gumbamail Appsumo Price

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