Experience the power of Feedbeo, where customer feedback becomes the key to actionable strategies, driving enhanced customer satisfaction, product development, and business success. Our comprehensive solution empowers you to collect, analyze, and leverage valuable customer insights effectively.

Say goodbye to complex meetings; Feedbeo simplifies and enhances all types of gatherings, be it in-person, hybrid, or remote. Elevate your Q&A, Live Polls, All Hands, Town Halls, and Team Meetings with live Q&A, voting, ratings, and word clouds, along with a range of additional features.

With a focus on design, user-friendliness, and seamless event management, Feedbeo ensures maximum audience engagement. Enjoy the freedom to moderate events without restrictions, invite unlimited attendees, and effortlessly control multiple modules. Embrace the future of customer feedback and meeting facilitation with Feedbeo.

Feedbeo operates with efficiency and simplicity. In seconds, you can set up straightforward Q&A sessions and add additional features like ballots, ratings, and word clouds with ease. Toggle between these elements effortlessly with a single touch.

Participation is made incredibly convenient for everyone. Anyone can instantly join and engage by copying a simple code or scanning a QR code. Share it with your desired audience, and they’ll be present alongside you, actively interacting and engaging with the content you present. Feedbeo ensures a seamless and interactive experience for all.

How it works?

  • Create a link for your event: Ready in seconds with easy-to-use Q&A. Quickly add additional polls, ratings and word cloud. Switch between them with one click.
  • Invite others to join: Anyone can join and participate instantly by copying a simple code or scanning a QR. Share it wherever you like.
  • Engage with the community: Your audience is now there with you. Seamlessly interacting and engaging with whatever you put in front of them.

Feedbeo Appsumo Price

Feedbeo Appsumo Price

Feedbeo Regular Price

Feedbeo Regular Price

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