Tired of spending valuable time and energy on repetitive email tasks? Automatic Email Manager is here to help!

This local software, installed on your Windows PC or Server, takes care of incoming emails and their attachments automatically. It manages new emails with actions and rules to match specific criteria, so you don’t have to do it manually.

With Automatic Email Manager, you can streamline your email workflow, print attachments, convert emails to PDF, and send auto-replies effortlessly. Say goodbye to tedious email tasks and let the software handle it for you!

Automatic Email Manager Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Automatic Email Manager is the perfect solution to save valuable time and energy on repetitive email tasks.
  • With its powerful features, you can automate actions like auto-printing, saving, replying to emails, exporting them to a CSV database, categorizing, changing subjects, deleting, moving, copying, and much more in real-time as soon as a new email arrives in your inbox.
  • No more manual printing! The software can automatically print the email body and attachments, such as invoices, orders, or reports, to any printer connected to your computer or network.
  • You can also convert emails into various formats like PDF, images, EML, MSG, and text, and save them in network folders for archiving or use with third-party software.
  • Stay connected with your team using the notification feature that sends messages to Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram messenger, including the email subject, body, and attachments for easy collaboration.
  • With Automatic Email Manager, you can streamline your email management and be more productive every day. Get it now and experience the efficiency it brings to your email workflow!
Automatic Email Manager Appsumo Price

Automatic Email Manager Appsumo Price

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