Aisel is a powerful platform that helps you manage your deals effectively. It consolidates communications, nurtures relationships, facilitates collaboration, and allows for smooth hand-offs to your team.

With Aisel, you can enhance your sales process using its CRM features, advanced email management, and team collaboration tools.

Stay on top of your pipeline and improve your closing rates with its lightweight email-first CRM approach. Aisel empowers you to optimize your sales workflow and achieve better results.

Aisel Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Take care of your deals: consolidate communications, nurture relationships, collaborate
  • Keep your pipeline up to date and close better with a lightweight email-first CRM
  • Aisel provides a solution to effectively organize and manage the overwhelming business correspondence that comes with complex sales involving multiple participants.
  • With Aisel, you can merge separate emails and email threads into a single, automatically updated conversations log. You have the flexibility to enrich this log with files, notes, and comments, keeping everything related to the deal in one place.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with your team and partners by granting them access to the deal communications. Work together, interact, and smoothly handoff tasks to teammates.
  • As a manager, you can have a bird’s-eye view of all the deals and their communications within your team. Team-wide access and deal-level access permissions ensure smooth communication and efficient collaboration across your organization.
  • Aisel gives your email inbox business software superpowers.
  • Enhance your email inbox with CRM, sales, and project management features, making it a powerful tool for your business.
  • Say goodbye to the traditional email logic and treat your inbox as a dynamic pipeline, organized by importance or any other business logic you require.
  • With Aisel, your team can also access and work on conversations, allowing for seamless collaboration and interaction.
  • Merge unrelated emails and threads into a single, automatically updated conversation. You have the freedom to enrich it with files, notes, and comments, keeping everything you need in one place. Aisel revolutionizes the way you manage your email communication and boosts productivity for your business.
Aisel Appsumo Price

Aisel Appsumo Price

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