Want to display the latest YouTube videos from multiple channels and playlists on your site?

Inserting videos manually each time they’re published on YouTube can feel like being on duty 24/7.

But with YT2Posts, the latest videos can automatically appear on your site without you doing anything.

YT2Posts is a WordPress plugin that does this for you.

It keeps inserting the latest videos from YouTube channels and playlists on your site.

Each YouTube video becomes a WordPress post or article.

You’ll love YT2Posts for these reasons:

  • It’s super-fast, designed for performance.
  • It’s SEO-friendly and works well with most SEO plugins.
  • It’s compatible with various themes and page builders, like Gutenberg, Elementor, BricksBuilder, Astra, and GeneratePress.
  • Any caching plugin like WP-Rocket will work fine with YT2Posts.

YT2Posts Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • YT2Posts will automatically insert the latest videos from multiple YouTube channels and playlists to your site.
  • Each YouTube video will be converted into a WordPress post or article.
  • You have the flexibility to display these videos using your favorite page builder or theme, just like regular WordPress posts. For example, you can showcase them in a slider or any other layout you prefer.
  • YT2Posts automates the process of converting the latest YouTube videos from the channels and playlists you added into WordPress posts or articles.
  • You can easily find these videos in your WordPress admin under the dedicated YouTube page, ensuring they won’t be mixed up with other posts on your site.
  • The plugin synchronizes with YouTube daily, continuously converting new videos into posts as they are published on YouTube.
  • Adding multiple YouTube channels and playlists is now simpler in the new version:
  • You can paste the links to video channels instead of needing the channel ID.
  • Adding multiple channels and playlists is effortless.
  • When the videos are converted into posts, you can choose to publish them immediately or save them as drafts to make modifications before publishing.
  • You have the freedom to edit the articles as you like, and the changes will be saved.
  • Older videos are retained to keep all links on your website active, maintaining SEO optimization. However, if desired, you can use the cleanup button to remove older videos.
  • To distinguish video posts from different YouTube sources, you can assign labels to each channel or playlist you add. These labels can be converted into tags or categories, making it easier to organize your content.
YT2Posts Appsumo Price

YT2Posts Appsumo Price

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