When you’re working with a small budget, recording a livestream can be challenging, especially with an unreliable studio setup. Even with great backdrops and ring lights, limitations like a single lens can hinder your ability to create amazing content in your DIY studio. However, there’s a solution:

RECnGO, an affordable livestream and recording studio app that comes with all the essential features, including a built-in audio mixer. With RECnGO, you can elevate your livestreams and recordings, making your content stand out without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to studio limitations and tune into RECnGO for a seamless and professional streaming experience.

RECnGO Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • RECnGO offers an incredible capability to livestream and record videos using up to 12 devices simultaneously, ranging from Android and iOS smartphones to MILC gadgets.
  • Whether you’re creating podcasts, workshops, or covering events or sports, RECnGO enables you to capture footage from multiple angles, providing a dynamic and engaging experience, far beyond the limitations of a single camera setup.
  • With RECnGO’s remote control features, adjusting white balance, flash, and zoom for each device is a breeze, giving you full control over the recording process.
  • After capturing your content, RECnGO conveniently saves the footage and sound from each camera angle on your studio device, making it effortless to access and edit the recordings as needed. This powerful app is the ultimate solution for creating professional-grade livestreams and videos with ease and flexibility.
  • With RECnGO, you can take your content branding to the next level by easily inserting logos and speaker names, enhancing the professional look and feel of your videos.
  • Creating seamless transitions has never been easier, as RECnGO allows you to effortlessly incorporate B-roll, images, presentations, and a variety of transition and fade options.
  • For those involved in live sports streaming, RECnGO offers a smart scoreboard feature that enables you to display real-time points and scores, enhancing the viewer’s experience and engagement during sports events. Whether you’re a content creator, livestreamer, or sports enthusiast, RECnGO provides the tools and features to elevate your video content and deliver captivating and immersive experiences to your audience.
  • With RECnGO’s advanced audio mixer, you have full control over the sound of each microphone source, regardless of how many microphones are attached. You can easily modify and adjust the audio levels of each source independently, ensuring a perfect audio balance for your recordings or livestreams.
  • In addition, RECnGO allows you to mute or unmute individual microphones without the need to leave your seat, providing you with convenient control over your audio setup.
  • For even more flexibility, RECnGO supports the connection of external microphones and sound mixing desks, enabling you to make real-time adjustments and adjustments to your audio setup, ensuring that your audio quality is top-notch and tailored to your specific needs. With RECnGO’s powerful audio features, you can deliver professional-quality sound to your audience, enhancing the overall viewing experience and ensuring that your content stands out.

RECnGO Regular Price

RECnGO Regular Price

RECnGO Appsumo Price

RECnGO Appsumo Price

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