Introducing Learnitive, the cutting-edge AI writer that empowers you to create Copyscape AI text content, executable programming codes, and vector illustrations such as flowcharts and UML diagrams with ease.

With Learnitive’s advanced AI writer, you can effortlessly create Copyscape AI text contents, executable programming codes, and stunning vector illustrations like flowcharts and UML diagrams.

Search for keywords in millions of academic papers, Wikipedia entries, and Pexels images, and easily insert references or embed them as needed.

Explore over 100 AI prompts to fine-tune the AI output and achieve the perfect result.

And with Learnitive, you can export your creations as beautifully-crafted PDF files, ready to be shared and published. Unleash your creativity with Learnitive’s interactive and versatile features.

Learnitive Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Welcome to Learnitive, where collaboration, knowledge sharing, and growth are at the forefront of our platform.
  • Our AI-powered writer empowers writers to collaborate seamlessly on posts, share knowledge, and receive valuable feedback, all to boost their success and growth factor.
  • While Learnitive’s AI is available for free with limited AI word limits, don’t miss out on the AppSumo deal that unlocks increased AI word limits, API access, and custom domains for an enhanced experience.
  • What sets Learnitive apart from other AI writers is our focus on interactivity, knowledge curation, and learning opportunities. Unlike other tools that merely provide a textpad and AI-generated content, Learnitive offers a sandbox environment, the ability to research and fact-check with Copyscape for each paragraph (using your own Copyscape API key), and the option to create and execute codes and OS commands right within the AI writer.
  • Experience the true power of Learnitive by creating and inserting vector illustrations, accessing unlimited Pexels images for embedding, conducting research through journals and Wikipedia, and even enjoying AI voiceovers. Explore the full potential of Learnitive to enhance your writing and content creation journey.
  • Learnitive AI Writer, powered by the incredible Editor.js, is equipped with a range of learning widgets that elevate content creation with AI to a whole new level.
  • By seamlessly integrating Grammarly, AI creation, Diagrams, Neural voices, and Code Playgrounds, we’ve transformed this tool into an invaluable teaching and learning resource.
  • The widgets within Learnitive AI Writer enable users to effortlessly generate long-form AI content and executable codes, while also offering advanced features like reviewing spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, and engagement. Users can even create neural text to speech for captivating audio content.
  • With the integration of Copyscape API, Learnitive AI Writer effectively detects plagiarism and offers suggestions for replacing identified errors through Grammarly.
  • Learnitive AI Expand takes things further by autocompleting sentences and even crafting entire new paragraphs. It enhances the quality of writing with automatic AI passage paraphrasing and rewriting.
  • Create stunning figures on the go and easily export outputs as PDF or share privately with ease.
  • For developers, Learnitive AI Writer provides a unique opportunity to practice OS terminal commands and code scripts in over 50 languages, all directly within the browser. No more need to deal with VMs and IDEs; everything is set up with Docker on the cloud for ultimate convenience and efficiency.
Learnitive Regular Price

Learnitive Regular Price

Learnitive Appsumo Price

Learnitive Appsumo Price

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