Are you looking to build your brand on Amazon and grow your own email list and audience? Selling on Amazon can be challenging, and building an audience outside of the platform is essential for success.

Enter Landing Cube, an Amazon landing page builder designed to help you create landing pages on your Amazon product pages. With Landing Cube, you can track your off-Amazon marketing performance from sources like Google Adwords, Facebook, TikTok, and more. Additionally, you can collect emails from potential customers and add them to your email funnels in platforms like Mailchimp, Klayivo, and others.

Using Landing Cube is simple. Just enter your ASIN and with a single click, you can create a landing page. You can then add your tracking link or pixel from your off-Amazon traffic source. The platform allows you to direct visitors to your email marketing funnel or Facebook chatbot funnel to distribute coupons. Moreover, Landing Cube is compatible with Amazon Attribution, enabling you to earn the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus.

By leveraging Landing Cube, you can enhance your marketing efforts on Amazon, build a loyal customer base, and grow your brand beyond the Amazon marketplace.

Landing Cube Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • With Landing Cube, you can go beyond just offering coupons and utilize it to collect valuable customer emails for future marketing campaigns. This powerful tool allows you to restrict the number of coupons given away on a daily basis while building a list of potential customers.
  • By collecting emails through Landing Cube, you can seamlessly integrate them into popular email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Drip, Klayivo, Active Campaigns, and more. This ensures that you can nurture and engage with your audience through targeted email funnels.
  • Additionally, Landing Cube enables you to take advantage of Facebook Chat Bot messaging campaigns. These interactive campaigns help you engage with prospects and guide them into additional sales funnels, enhancing your chances of converting them into customers.
  • The simplicity of Landing Cube is a key factor in its effectiveness. Just input your ASIN, create a landing page, and add your tracking link or pixel from your off-Amazon traffic source. You can then direct visitors to either your email marketing funnel or Facebook chatbot funnel for coupon distribution. And don’t forget, it’s also fully compatible with Amazon Attribution, allowing you to earn the coveted Amazon Brand Referral Bonus.
  • With Landing Cube, you don’t need to rely on developers, funnel experts, or spend long hours creating promotions. Its quick and user-friendly tools are designed to streamline the process and make Amazon growth marketing a breeze.
Landing Cube Regular price

Landing Cube Regular price

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Landing Cube Appsumo price

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