ired of slow analysis on Excel, CSV, or Google Sheets? Struggling with limited resources to perform critical data analysis on important KPIs like day of the week, aging, and time series? Finding it challenging to identify the root cause of business performance deviations?

Enter INSIA, the revolutionary analytics platform that is transforming data analysis for businesses. INSIA is a no-code, self-serve platform that makes analytics incredibly accessible and easy to use. Say goodbye to the frustrations of traditional analysis methods and embrace the power of INSIA to unlock valuable insights from your data.

INSIA Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Easily find answers to all your data questions through a user-friendly guided search bar. Effortlessly build visually impressive interactive dashboards in less than 5 minutes, no technical expertise required. Dig deep into the core of issues with INSIA’s multi-path drill-downs for comprehensive analysis. Combine data from Excel files, databases, and platform APIs to gain a complete and integrated view of your business data. Stay informed about any performance deviations with customizable alerts. Create personalized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) using INSIA’s powerful no-code formula builder.
  • With INSIA’s guided search bar, you can perform ad-hoc analysis effortlessly, eliminating the need for technical assistance.
  • Simply place the cursor on the search bar, and the platform will intuitively lead you through the process of discovering valuable business insights.
  • Leveraging machine learning, INSIA comprehends data search patterns and suggests the most suitable cuts and analyses for your data as you search.
  • Through the INSIA drop-down feature, you can access all data points in your database, maximizing the potential of your data!
  • With INSIA, creating dashboards has never been easier and more intuitive. No more waiting for days or dealing with disappointing results.
  • Now, you can effortlessly generate unlimited dashboards and reports using the simple power of search. The platform provides an intuitive canvas, allowing you to craft your data stories and reports exactly as you envision them.
  • No need to depend on others for report creation; INSIA puts you in control. In just 5 minutes, you can design, visualize, and automate your dashboards, giving you complete autonomy over your data insights. Sharing them is just a click away, making the whole process seamless and efficient.
  • INSIA understands the struggle of staying on top of business performance deviations and the challenge of analyzing data spread across various columns and tables.
  • With INSIA, you can effortlessly monitor critical KPIs by setting manual thresholds with just a few clicks. The platform comprehends the context and timeframe, automatically sending alerts in natural language whenever there’s a performance deviation. You can easily view specific KPIs and their deviation from the set thresholds with just one click.
  • Gaining insight into business problems has never been easier. INSIA’s smart drill-down feature allows you to analyze data from different perspectives. You are no longer limited to predefined drill-paths; instead, you can move from one-dimensional cuts to another, delving deep into the problem.
  • Creating custom KPIs is a breeze with INSIA. Forget about writing code or remembering complex Excel syntax. The intuitive drop-down-based, no-code formula builder empowers you to create all the custom KPIs you need.
  • Experience the simplicity, speed, and scalability of analytics with INSIA and leverage data to grow your business manifold. Say goodbye to the frustration of missing out on crucial insights and embrace the power of simplified analytics with INSIA.
INSIA Appsumo Price

INSIA Appsumo Price

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