Holacon is the ultimate event management software that empowers you to create interactive events and boost attendee engagement. With its comprehensive features, you can seamlessly organize and analyze events, whether they are online, hybrid, or in-person, all within a single dashboard.

Effortlessly manage event content, set access permissions, and track attendee check-ins using the event management console, available on the web and mobile app. Take control of marketing and communications through the interface, including push notifications and other powerful features.

Holacon Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Holacon is an all-in-one event management software that simplifies organizing interactive events and increasing attendee engagement.
  • Track and analyze event data seamlessly with this powerful tool.
  • Manage and design your events, whether they are online, hybrid, or in-person, all from one convenient dashboard.
  • Use the web or mobile app event management console to organize content, set access limits, and manage check-ins and check-outs.
  • Take control of your event marketing and communications, including push alerts, through the intuitive interface.
  • Set up a digital exhibitor space to allow attendees to explore businesses and collect valuable lead information.
  • Foster connection among attendees with a range of community-building tools included in the platform.
  • Create engaging online or hybrid events with networking areas, one-on-one meetings, and messaging features that mimic the personal touch of in-person events.
  • Drive audience participation with interactive technologies like live voting, polls, Q&A sessions, and session ratings.
  • Generate unique event pages and integrate registration forms to gather attendee information and accept payments.
  • Personalize the ticketing system with your branding and pricing, with no commission fees for ticket sales.
  • Easily distribute event marketing materials across multiple platforms to provide comprehensive information to your audience.
  • Boost attendee excitement and engagement with personalized emails, SMS messages, and push notifications.
  • Provide seamless access to virtual or hybrid events for attendees worldwide through the app.
  • Utilize digital attendee cards for smooth registration experiences and track attendee interactions.
  • Gain valuable insights into event performance with comprehensive reports that cover all stages, from ticket sales to individual attendee journeys.
Holacon Regular Pricing

Holacon Regular Pricing

Holacon Appsumo Price

Holacon Appsumo Price

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