Flipbooklets is a quick and intuitive tool that lets you create beautiful PDF flipbooks in just seconds.

Upload your PDF, fill in the form, and click “Create” – that’s it! Your stunning PDF flipbook is ready to go.

You have the option to keep your flipbooks private and password-protected, or embed them on your website for a seamless viewing experience for your clients and colleagues.

Flipbooklets makes sharing your content easy and enjoyable!

FlipBooklets Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • No Ads, Ever!: Our platform will never display any advertisements on your books, even if you are using the free package!
  • Responsive: Your PDF Flip Booklet will look great on all devices, regardless of size. It ensures a seamless viewing experience across all platforms.
  • Quick to create: Easily upload your PDF, click save, and instantly receive a link to view your PDF Flip Booklet. You also get an embed code for easy placement wherever you prefer.
  • Hyperlink friendly: Embedded hyperlinks in the PDF will work automatically when the PDF Flip Booklet is generated.
  • Fast: The PDF Flip Booklet loads quickly on any connection, thanks to clean and minimal code (dependent on the PDF size).
  • Zoom: Conveniently zoom in and out of the pages to get a closer look at the content.
  • Download PDF: Your clients can also download a standard PDF version of the Flip Booklet for printing or offline viewing.
  • Privacy: Keep your Flip Booklet hidden from search engines, ensuring confidentiality.
  • Password: If you have sensitive information, you can add a password for added protection.
  • Bookmarks: Your clients can bookmark pages in the PDF Flip Booklet for easy reference in the future.
  • Search: The new feature allows text search within the Flip Booklet (for live text, not images).
  • Analytics: Get valuable insights into your book’s performance, including views, locations, devices, and more.
  • Multi-language: Choose between English or Spanish, and reach out for more language options.
  • Single or spread view: Select whether to display a single page at a time or a page spread for a different viewing experience.
  • Custom background: Personalize your PDF Flip Booklet with a background of your choice.
  • Custom colors: Brand your view using your own company colors or customize it on a per-book basis.
FlipBooklets Regular Price

FlipBooklets Regular Price

FlipBooklets Appsumo Price

FlipBooklets Appsumo Price

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