Flaash.me is a lead catcher that enhances a company’s public appearance ROI. This tool enables speakers to share valuable content with the target audience through interactive QR codes, in exchange for valuable user information. With Flaash.me, you can instantly identify those interested in your presentation and prioritize follow-ups with potential projects.

Without it, properly tracking and following up with these new contacts would be challenging. Flaash.me offers a perfect UX for your prospects, making it easy for them to download additional content and express their interest in your expertise. For your business development team, it’s an effective tool to manage audience engagement and ensure a proper follow-up with potential clients.

Flaash.me Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Effortlessly attract qualified leads by offering valuable content through interactive QR codes.
  • Link each QR Code to specific content and collect prospect information in return: share product details, documents, website links, social posts, product videos, or engagement forms to capture new leads.
  • Effortlessly generate, manage, and track forms & QR codes with detailed statistics.
  • Create a personalized form with various fields to collect data in different formats such as text, numbers, dates, and more.
  • Choose what you want to share with your audience: documents, links, videos, images, or initiate a WhatsApp chat.
  • Customize and design everything according to your preferences: provide all the necessary information and use our customization interface for a unique design.
  • Download your QR code, print it, or display it digitally, and you’re all set!
  • Generate as many leads as you need.
  • Invite as many teammates as you want.
  • Create countless events without any restrictions.
  • The ideal tool for Business development and sales teams seeking an effective way to engage their audience during presentations.
  • This deal cannot be combined with other offers.
  • Upload various file formats like doc, xlsx, pdf, pptx, and more.
  • Enjoy unlimited storage for your data.
Flaash.me Appsumo Price

Flaash.me Appsumo Price

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