DataVault lets you securely access files in one organized workspace for your team, customers, and investors, with complete data analytics.

Collaborate with your team and easily share sales, marketing decks, or business proposals through a simple link in just 30 seconds.

Discover who opened your documents, how much they read, and if they downloaded or shared them. Keep track of your deals’ progress, know who to follow up with, and understand the context.

Enhance the impact of your materials and boost sales. Gain an advantage in your conversations by identifying the parts of your proposals that interest your customers the most.

DataVault Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • DataVault offers a more efficient way to work with files and data compared to Dropbox or Google Drive. Share your virtual data room easily with a single link and control access as needed.
  • Extend access to new groups by creating new links, and set limits or expiration dates for accesses.
  • Forget about scattered content across emails and chats. Real-time analytics show you who views which content.
  • Track your shared data page-by-page to work wisely and be well-prepared.
  • Filter analytics to find out the most and least popular pages.
  • DataVault is designed for everyone. Access the latest version from the centralized hub for data-driven collaboration.
  • Share and manage data with external users securely.
  • Create up to 5 custom-branded Vaults with your own folder structure.
  • Sharing your vaults is easy with just a link, and viewers don’t need to register to view your data.
  • No need to resend links or files when you update documents; everything syncs in real-time. Get analytics for each document in your vault.
  • Create impressive branded deal rooms with unlimited files, making it easy for prospects to choose you.
  • Categorize recipients and access their full relationship history with the integrated contact management system.
DataVault Appsumo Price

DataVault Appsumo Price

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