In the new tech era, CVViZ has become one of the most popular software for hiring and recruiting. It uses the emerging cloud-based technology to select the top candidates for a job opening and helps recruit them with ease.

CVViZ is easy to use as it offers the resume screening service based on the job description, along with the video interview facility concluding at providing interview feedback at no extra cost and effort.

Today we will review the performance and services/functions of this highly demanded software known as CVViZ. We will provide you with the information regarding some of its great features, CVViZ Appsumo Lifetime Deals, Discounts, Pricing, Plans Etc.

CVViZ Appsumo Lifetime Deal Details:

In the contemporary corporate world, job openings at companies have become more specific. The recruiters want candidates for a specific position with a specific skill set. The recruiting process is getting more complex over time.

However, in these times where peculiarity is being catered at most, CVViZ offers its users the facility to source candidates at no extra cost and effort. It allows posting job postings on 15+ job sites in a single click.

CVViZ: What is it?

CVViZ is the most convenient method of sourcing and hiring candidates for job vacancies. It offers its users to post jobs on multiple websites in one go.

CVViZ collaborates with 15+ job sites, allowing users to reach a massive audience for their jobs without posting them individually on different job sites.

The users can filter out the candidates via the resume screening feature, which works on the emerging AI Technology and uses the AI algorithms to compare the candidate’s details with the job requirements showing the top relevant candidates to recruiters.

After it, the recruiter can video-interview the top candidates and receive feedback on the interview to enhance the hiring process.

How Does CVViZ Work?

You can craft your job description and post it via the job post feature, which will make your job post be published on 1500+ paid and unpaid job boards.

When the candidates will apply for those job vacancies, their resumes will be collected. The CVViZ algorithm will use the Machine Learning Algorithms to scan the resumes and filter out the candidates based on the keywords of the job descriptions.

In the end, you can have a look at the top candidates with their resumes and can invite them for video interviews. You can also track the candidate’s performance and collect feedback on the interview, which you can use to enhance and smoothen your interview questions and hiring process.

You can access the job boards of certain websites such as Linked, Indeed and discover top candidates from platforms such as Github, Stackflow, etc.

Features of VidTags  

CVViz has some great features. It is based on the modern recruiting methods; let’s have a look at the features:

Job Management:

  • Manage up to 5 jobs with a single code.
  • Post jobs to 15+ free job boards, Google for jobs, social media, LinkedIn, and many other platforms in a single click and directly receive resumes in CVViZ.
  • Design career pages and list active jobs automatically on your website.
  • Set pre-screening questions for every job.

Candidate Sourcing & Management:

  • Search & import candidates’ profiles from various job boards & other platforms.
  • Import resumes from emails in bulk.
  • Chrome extension to import profiles directly into CVViZ from job boards like Indeed.
  • Export candidate tracking list into an Excel sheet.

AI for Resume Screening:

  • Screen resumes contextually, going beyond keyword matching.
  • Match & Rank candidates based on your hiring pattern.
  • Discover the best-matched candidates automatically in your database.

Interviews, Calendar, Communication:

  • Schedule & Conduct Video Interviews.
  • Manage your calendar events · Integrate & sync your emails within CVViZ just like a CRM.
  • Create or choose from various email templates.
  • Bulk emailing to candidates.


  • Easily collaborate among hiring managers, recruiters, recruitment agencies, and candidates.
  • Seamlessly share resumes, take notes, store interview feedback, etc.
  • Auto notifications & reminders.

Powerful Search:

  • Elastic search Technology for quick and accurate results.
  • Search candidate database using keywords.
  • Full-text search – find anything and everything.
  • Use Boolean search operators and a wide range of filters.

Resume Database Management:

  • Resume parsing
  • Quick resume summary
  • Resume storage over AWS cloud
  • Identify and avoid duplicate resumes

Recruitment Analytics:

Track all-important recruitment metrics such as Time to Fill, Users details, etc

Export or download reports into Excel sheets, pdf, jpg

CVViZ Is Best For?

The software offers a low-cost hiring process; therefore, it is best for businesses short on budget.

The recruitment software is best for the HR recruitment managers of small-scale and medium-scale businesses.

The founders of start-ups may also use it to hire the best employees for their startups, as they are Jack of All Trades and often do various tasks themselves.

The agency owners can use CVViZ to recruit the top talent for their agencies.

Why Should You Buy CVViZ?

Why should you buy CVViZ?  Many people ask such questions; answers to their questions are given below.

Source candidates in the quickest time at minimal costs (even for free)

CVViZ collaborates with 1500+ paid and unpaid job boards, which provide the user with a massive audience for their job vacancies.

The recruiters can post jobs on those sites in one go, saving their precious time.

The CVViZ resume scanner can scan 1 million resumes in less than 30 seconds which minimizes the hiring time.

CVViZ also offers up to 40% discount on paid job sites worldwide, which minimizes the cost, and free job sites are always an option.

Identify and Engage Top Candidates Faster

The CVViZ offers a resume screening feature that filters out the candidates based on the job descriptions.

The traditional recruitment software uses keywords to scan resumes and filter out resumes.

CVViZ is a modern recruitment software that uses the emerging Deep Learning technology. It goes beyond keywords in filtering out the candidates and filters them based on contextual filtering and filters the candidates based on the specific job requirements instead of identifying the keywords only.

Highly Customizable Pre-Screening Questionnaire

CVViZ allows the users to prepare a pre-requisite questionnaire. The questionnaire can be customized according to the needs of the user.

The software will filter out the candidates based on their answers to the questionnaire, and the most relevant candidates will be shown to the user.

Email Integration and Templates

The CVViZ is integrated with G-suite and Office 365.

It also offers a bulk emailing feature, which the recruiters can use to notify the disqualified candidates that they are not selected.

Interview Feedback

The users can use CVViZ to schedule meetings and video interviews with the top candidates.

It uses a highly customizable interview scorecard sheet which can be used to receive feedback on the interviews, which can be later used to improve the interview questions and enhance the performance of the HR department.

CVViZ Appsumo Deals With Lifetime Benefits

Lifetime deals of CVViZ are currently available on Appsumo. This lifetime deal has various benefits:

  • Manage up to 5 jobs with a single code
  • For unlimited job postings and unlimited user access, you will have to buy 5 codes.
  • Share jobs with recruitment agencies and directly receive resumes in CVViZ
  • Design career pages and list active jobs automatically on your website
  • Set pre-screening questions for every job
  •  Export candidate tracking list into an Excel sheet
  • Screen resumes contextually, going beyond keyword matching
  • Match & Rank candidates based on your hiring pattern
  • Discover best-matched candidates automatically in your database
  • Manage your calendar events · Integrate & sync your emails within CVViZ just like a CRM
  • Elastic search Technology for quick and accurate results
  • Quick resume summary
  • Identify and avoid duplicate resume
  • Track all-important recruitment metrics such as Time to Fill, Users details, etc
  • Export or download reports into Excel sheets, pdf, jpg

Pricing Plans:

CVViZ is undoubtedly a perfect tool. You can conveniently recruit the top talent at your company with no hassle.

However, not everyone can enjoy its benefits due to its high price.

There is good news for them.

A lifetime offer of CVViZ is available on Appsumo at a very affordable price with a discount of 90%!

You can grab it for just $69 instead of the actual $708, which is a flat 90% off offer!

Deal Pros and Cons:


·CVViZ is a cloud-based app. You don’t need to download anything here.

· It is 100% user-friendly.

· You can use the tool quickly and easily.

· Here, you can effortlessly search and overview candidates.

· It will post your job description to 1500+ job boards in a single click.

· Here, you can quickly resume the candidate’s resumes and filter them out based on your job description.

·Highly customizable pre-requisite questionnaire to qualify the candidates.

· You can easily bulk email the disqualified candidates to notify them that they are not selected.

· You can track the candidate’s progress.

·Have a video interview and schedule meetings.

· Receive feedback on the interviews.

· Includes commercial license.

· The support team here is open 24/7.


·A few of the job boards are paid.

·The price of the tool may seem high to many.

·You would have lots of candidates if your questionnaire is generic.

Last opinion:

CVViZ is undoubtedly a great and helpful software for you to recruit new employees. It is a modern recruitment tool with top-notch features such as contextual scanning, a customizable pre-screening questionnaire, and a customizable scorecard sheet to rate the interview.

The time saved is much more beneficial than the cost incurred in buying CCViZ’s subscription. Visit Appsumo to get lifetime access to CCViZ software.

Some important FAQs:

Will I get support from CCViZ?

Yes, you can send a message here and ask for a solution if there is any problem. The services here are open 24/7.

Does the CCViZ work on both macOS and Windows?

It works on MacOS, Windows, tablets, and all mobile devices because it is a cloud-based application. It can be used anywhere in the world. It does not need to be downloaded.

Can I use CCViZ even if I have no technical skills?

You don’t need to have technical skills to use CCViZ. CCViZ has an intuitive dashboard that allows you to use it easily.

Will I get a money-back guarantee from here?

Yes. If you have any issues using this tool that the support team here cannot resolve. Then you can get your money back within 60 days from here.

Does it have any upgrades or upsells?

Yes, there are paid, job boards. It is not mandatory to buy to reach a massive audience as we already collaborate with many free job sites. Moreover, the user will receive up to 40% discount on the paid job sites if they ever feel like using them.

60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

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