ClowdWork is an automated time tracking program designed to assist you in managing remote teams and freelancers. It allows you to effortlessly monitor your team’s applications, software, and websites during business hours.

The tool provides valuable insights to help you allocate resources effectively and improve productivity in flexible or remote work environments. With strategic analytics and daily productivity statistics, tracking time spent on productive apps and programs becomes effortless.

ClowdWork Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • ClowdWork offers customizable reports that allow you to assess productivity measures by department or across the organization.
  • It provides valuable insights into how your teams contribute value to the company. 
  • By visualizing workloads, you can identify potential bottlenecks and anticipate project delays. 
  • The platform calculates payroll costs based on team activities, helping you maximize revenues. 
  • With automated screenshots taken every thirty minutes, you can monitor time usage and identify any potential time-wasting. 
  • Real-time screenshots and activity reports are accessible from any Windows, Mac, or Linux device. 
  • You have the flexibility to enable or disable screen capture as needed, giving you full control over monitoring your team. 
  • The tool tracks the duration of app, software, and website usage during working hours, allowing you to gain insights into time allocation. 
  • Detailed reports on daily productivity enable you to enhance overall efficiency and increase profit margins.
Clowdwork Regular Price

Clowdwork Regular Price

Clowdwork Appsumo Price

Clowdwork Appsumo Price

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