Chartmat offers a versatile solution for creating dashboards, apps, and forms by utilizing real-time data from Google Sheets. This powerful tool serves as a robust and mobile-friendly frontend for Google Sheets, allowing you to design boards with different block types like charts, tables, forms, and grids.

The blocks on these boards are continuously synchronized with the data in Google Sheets, ensuring real-time updates and making them perfect for generating management reports. Additionally, these boards can function as internal apps, enabling you to showcase data, collect information, and monitor activities within your organization.

Chartmat Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Chartmat empowers you to create boards without any coding knowledge and organize them in workspaces for secure sharing with clients and coworkers.
  • Users can display aggregated data in charts with fully customizable axes, colors, and scales.
  • Table data can be queried directly from Chartmat boards, and clickable rows provide additional details not available in the table.
  • Grids allow for creative data representations, such as images, tailored to suit end users’ preferences. Chartmat can also serve as a platform for creating small stores.
  • Customize the input format of Chartmat forms to meet specific requirements and easily write data from browser forms into Google Sheets.
  • Display forms and dashboards on the same Chartmat board, eliminating the need to switch between tabs to find relevant information.
  • Capture and submit photos, like receipts, directly into Google Sheets using Chartmat forms.
  • Enjoy complete personalization with sections to organize content and customize board headers using HTML and CSS, including the option to display corporate logos.
  • Elevate the appearance of your boards further by modifying backdrop colors and display colors of internal elements.
  • Boards and blocks can be embedded through iframes.
  • Chartmat is a mobile-first platform that can be downloaded to your phone, ensuring accessibility on the go.
  • It is synchronized with personal sheets, and each workspace has its own set of user permissions, making sharing with clients and teammates easy.
  • The platform provides full personalization, allowing you to add your brand colors and board name, while remaining free of any branding.
  • Access all templates available on Chartmat, and take advantage of its extensive integrations with Zapier through Google Sheets.
  • Create browser dashboards that update in real-time without the need for coding, building apps on top of Google Sheets data.
  • For an alternative, GlideApps is also recommended.
  • Easily create sections for your dashboards and use forms to enter new data via your web browser.
  • Chartmat is ideal for agencies, data-driven teams, and Google Sheets power users looking to create apps and dashboards without the complexities of coding.
Chartmat Regular Price

Chartmat Regular Price

Chartmat Appsumo Price

Chartmat Appsumo Price

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