ChartBrick allows you to visualize your data (from Notion, Airtable, Stackby, Google Sheets, MySQL) as insightful charts and make it more understandable.

You can also download these charts as images and embed them in Notion pages, websites or anywhere else.

ChartBrick Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • ChartBrick is a powerful tool that allows you to transform your data from Notion or Airtable into insightful charts, making it easier to understand and visualize.
  • With ChartBrick, you can create charts effortlessly, even if you have no coding experience. It offers seven chart types, including column, bar, line, area, pie, donut, and radar charts, giving you the flexibility to present your data in the most suitable format.
  • The integration with Notion is particularly valuable as the platform itself does not offer built-in chart creation capabilities. With ChartBrick, you can generate charts directly from your Notion databases and embed them into your pages or websites seamlessly.
  • Privacy is a top priority with ChartBrick; the tool does not store any of your data, ensuring that your information remains secure.
  • Another great feature is real-time updates, allowing you to generate charts with the latest data available, ensuring accuracy and relevance.
  • Whether you want to enhance the understanding of your data within your Notion pages or share the charts on your blog, ChartBrick offers easy embedding options. Additionally, if you prefer to use the charts offline, you can download them as images for further use.
ChartBrick Regular Price

ChartBrick Regular Price

ChartBrick Appsumo Price

ChartBrick Appsumo Price

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