is the ultimate website migration and management tool, catering to the needs of marketers, website managers, and developers. With, you can seamlessly integrate Google Analytics to identify the top browsers that need support. Additionally, you have the flexibility to include internal and external team members and set up essential milestone dates to ensure a smooth website migration and management process. brings a revolutionary approach to sitemaps with its advanced sitemap engine. With this feature, you can visualize your website’s structure and easily grasp its various levels, allowing for better understanding and management of your website’s architecture. Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • With, you can benefit from advanced website assessment and audit capabilities powered by Machine Learning, providing you with comprehensive insights in just 30 minutes. Capture ‘before’ and ‘after’ comparisons effortlessly with the screenshot automation feature, allowing for easy monitoring of changes.
  • Performance assessment is integrated with the Google Lighthouse API, including historical data, to track and improve website performance. Receive a comprehensive PDF report, the Website Factsheet, covering sitemaps, tech stack, and more.
  • Visual sitemaps offer an intuitive way to understand your website’s structure, with automatic and manual options available for greater control. Safeguard your intellectual property effectively with secure cloud storage.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with team members using the collaboration platform, fostering teamwork and clear communication. Assign pages to specific owners for accountability and track progress effectively.
  • With the Breeze Chrome Extension, enjoy features like live editing, screenshot capture, responsive layout checking, and environment switching for efficient website management.
  • Preserve agency-specific processes and knowledge with the Agency Playbook, integrating checklists for task assignment and ensuring consistency across projects. Benefit from a centralized repository to store all project links, documents, and resources in one convenient location. Streamline your website management and development with’s comprehensive suite of tools and features.
  • As an agency owner, your plate is always full, and website migrations can become a time-consuming and complex task as your client base grows. is the ultimate solution designed to streamline the entire website migration lifecycle. With, you have a single source of truth accessible to your team and clients, simplifying every step from project setup to handover.
  • One of the key benefits of is that it safeguards your agency’s intellectual property (IP) by securely storing project information on the cloud. This means that even when employees move on, your valuable knowledge remains within your agency.
  • With over 20+ features already available, is continuously evolving. We are actively developing the first-ever AI Migration for Website Management, which will further enhance the capabilities of the platform.
  • Say goodbye to the complexities and challenges of website migrations. Embrace as your go-to tool to efficiently manage website migrations and empower your agency for greater success. Regular Price Regular Price Appsumo Price Appsumo Price

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