Booltool is an all-in-one content creation toolkit powered by artificial intelligence, designed to enhance your editing capabilities for images and videos directly in your web browser. With Booltool, you can easily modify and enhance photos, as well as improve videos, all within a single platform. Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading and switching between different tools, as Booltool offers a seamless editing experience right in your browser.

Even if you lack expertise in editing or graphic design, Booltool’s intuitive interface empowers you to effortlessly refine your visual content. Say goodbye to complex editing procedures as you create stunning visuals with just a few clicks, right from your browser. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, Booltool makes it easy for anyone to perfect their visual content without the need for extensive technical knowledge. Let Booltool simplify your editing process and unlock your creativity with its user-friendly interface.

BoolTool Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Powered by artificial intelligence, Booltool enables you to effortlessly remove image backgrounds within seconds.
  • Simply upload one or multiple photos, and the AI will automatically separate the subject from the background, allowing you to download the foreground directly.
  • No more tedious manual selection or complex editing processes.
  • With Booltool, you have the option to upload new backgrounds or let the AI generate one for you. Additionally, you can manually adjust which components of the image background are displayed, giving you full control over the final result.
  • Say goodbye to unwanted subjects, defects, or watermarks with the object eraser tool, all without the need for Photoshop or reshooting.
  • Editing text in images is also a breeze with Booltool.
  • Just select the text you want to delete, and the tool will seamlessly fill the resulting space with text that matches its surroundings, ensuring a seamless and natural appearance.
  • Take your visual content to the next level by blurring busy, poorly lit, or distracting backgrounds. With Booltool, you can easily adjust the intensity of the blur effect to achieve the perfect balance between the foreground and background, drawing attention to your subject and enhancing the overall impact of your images.
  • Whether you’re selling products or capturing professional headshots, Booltool ensures that distracting backgrounds won’t detract from the final product.
  • Focus on creating stunning visuals without worrying about the quality of the background.
Booltool regular price

Booltool regular price

Booltool Appsumo Price

Booltool Appsumo Price

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