Don’t let your money go to waste on ineffective marketing campaigns that fail to attract customers to your store.

Avoid the pitfalls of wrong tracking data that hinder the power of pixels in gaining more customers.

Take charge of your marketing success and boost your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by over 20% with Attribuly.

Attribuly for Shopify Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Utilize our exclusive Attribuly pixel to reveal the impact of each touchpoint and obtain precise Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) metrics for every Facebook Ad, whether individual or combined.
  • Our platform is equipped to handle the IOS14.5 challenge through more than 10 first-party data integrations.
  • Monitor all significant site activities, such as collection views, add-to-cart, and checkout processes, among others.
  • Gain insights into individual customer interactions with your brand and make data-driven decisions for allocating your marketing budget with our Budget Match Index.
  • With Attribuly, comprehending your customers’ purchasing journey is now a seamless process.
  • Achieve complete real-time trackability for 100% of your customer conversions with Attribuly. It goes beyond being just an attribution tool; it is a powerful solution to gain valuable insights into your customer journey and optimize conversions.
  • With Attribuly, you can accurately track all your campaigns, even at the single ad level, as precisely as you did before the IOS14 update. Our platform offers seamless data integrations with over 10 major platforms like Google and Facebook.
  • Get a comprehensive view of each conversion with detailed customer journey information, enabling you to allocate your budget with laser focus.
  • Identify and analyze your highest converting paths to witness a significant boost in your conversions. Attribuly empowers you to maximize your conversion rates like never before.
  • Maximize your influencer marketing with Attribuly. Send personalized links to your influencers, allowing you to track their impact on bringing customers to your store. Access rich data that helps you evaluate and identify the best-fitting influencers for your brand.
  • With Attribuly, collaboration with influencers becomes seamless. They can easily share creatives without the need for emails, spreadsheets, or local storage. Say goodbye to manual processes and inefficiencies, as Attribuly streamlines your influencer marketing efforts, enabling you to 4X your results.
Attribuly for Shopify Regular Price

Attribuly for Shopify Regular Price

Attribuly for Shopify Appsumo price

Attribuly for Shopify Appsumo price

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